on Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still updating and editing my portfolio. Looking for the best way to present it. Once that's finished I will be taking appointments for photography.

Also currently I am doing some shopping for a new camera. After a plethora of research I have decided on the Panasonic AG DVX-100B. Other projects on the table include working on writing a screenplay for a short film, I may turn it into a series. More on that later. I'm looking to create a production diary to post here once I get more of the project up and running. It certainly is a challenge to create when you have limited money and limited resources, but I'm working on all that. I've also been working with my associate Bryan Peterson on "Artform" our first feature length screenplay together. Once scripts are done we can put together a business plan and look for financing. Or just go it alone, low budget is always appealing. More challenging, but appealing none the less.

The beginning of something great is right here, there's just a lot to accomplish before any of this bears fruit. I'm looking forward to working hard and building something worthwhile from the ground up.



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